Keeping It Simple


Having worked in the Oracle Hyperion and Enterprise Performance Management space for most of our professional lives, one thing has become abundantly clear to our team – the work is complex in nature.  It has to be; we are dealing with forecasting real world financials, complex company consolidations, and countless systems and business processes.

Fortunately, developing a strong background in simple, foundational concepts pays dividends as these complexities come up.  The goal of our blog is to focus on this foundation – we’ll be discussing topics and examples that are both simple and applicable in the real world.  The topics will combine a functional and technical view of the discussion at hand.   Our hope is that even those unfamiliar with the specific topic can gain something by reading.

Check back for upcoming posts with topics that include Forecasting Product Profitability, using Hyperion Planning and The Real Value of Consolidations, using Oracle HFM.

– The PS Team

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